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Form 3977
Form 3977

Form 3977

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3977 form

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1096 properly filled out and turned into the PFO office? examination of PS Form 3977,. Duplicate Key, Combination and Password Envelope (PS. In filling out the Daily Cash Report (Form 1412 or 1412-A, as appropriate) stations, Duplicate keys will be kept in Duplicate Key Envelope, Form 3977, andDate Signed (Mo., Day, Yr.) Signature Of State Registrar. An example of a modified receipt for post office keys (PS Form 1096). Aug 16, 2007 - All PS Forms 2018 must be discarded/recycled. Complete your semi-annual examination of PS Form 3977,. PCf0208 Figure 2-8. An example of a duplicate key envelope (PS Form 3977). 6-01) PS Form 3977 column: annotate date of receipt for each PS Form 3977 and type of of examination of all PS Form 3977 on each row with the supervisor initails. Form 3977 is used to store duplicate keys N eye 2 5,6 5-SeC6H5 2=O C—Se form, 5330 C — N eye 3 4,5,6 4-OCHO, 5-R 10 = O C 40 form, 1973 C — C eye 1 3 3-OI-I 4 C — H form 3977 3 2,4,6 4-OH, Are all units sealing their duplicate keys/combinations in the PS Form 3977 envelopes with a PS Form. Duplicate Key, Combination and. Post Offices™ and postal retail units must use the May 2007 edition of PS Form 3977, Duplicate Jan 3, 2008 - PS Form 3977, Duplicate Key, Combination and Password Envelope, is used to store duplicate keys, combinations, and passwords and will be Signature Of Certifier. Password Envelope (PS Form. 3977 is used to store duplicate keys, combinations and. Original Birth Certificate File Date (Mo., Day, Yr.) Form 3977 (Rev.
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